Accept no substitutes.

Might or might not be twitchy, unreliable-looking. All packaging, no product. Elitist douche. Lion.

Between-jobs introvert; will work for pay. Joint owner of and social media manager for nonprofit The Belmont Goats. Reads comics.


The Belmont Goats (Present)

Responsible for livestock care, facility maintenance, community outreach, communications strategy, publicity and public relations, policy documentation, proposal writing, nonprofit incorporation, social media management, and fundraising.

Freelance Photography (2010-2013)

Created work which appeared in or was used by The Portland Mercury, The Progressive, Portland Opera, Atomic Arts, Newsarama, Nerdist, The Guild, Alan Tudyk, and the Portland Tribune; and by Titan Books in their official Firefly and Dr. Horrible companion volumes.

Timescience Bloodclub (2008)

Operated, and wrote copy for, the website for the official online video contest for fans of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to submit applications to appear on the DVD release. Collected and sorted applications, and handled inquiries about the process.

Fans4Writers (2007)

Handled initial design, setup, and launch of the website and discussion forums for a fan-run effort supporting the Writers Guild of America's strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Can't Stop the Serenity (2006)

Conceived and founded an annual, global charity event screening a Universal Pictures production to raise funds for Equality Now; obtained the necessary licensing, coordinated avenues of communication with and amongst local organizers; and actively maintained central event website.

Portland Communique (2002-2005)

Responsible for all creative, editorial, and technical aspects of a widely-read experiment in independent, original, stand-alone journalism covering culture, economic development, and politics in Portland, Oregon.



The One True b!X is a seventeen-year resident of the Portland of Oregon born forty-five years ago in upstate New York. A devout agnostic and misanthrope who aspires to be an at least passable humanist, he believes that cynicism is frustrated optimism, resulting only from first believing that people are capable of better and then too often being proved wrong. He also believes this is why the small, every day courtesies matter.

He neither bikes nor dances nor dates nor drives nor drugs nor sexes nor swims. (He is open to negotiation on some of these, but leaves which ones to your imagination.) He does, occasionally but with an increasing rarity, drink. Since the death of his father, he no longer smokes. He is a life-long resident of Red Sox Nation who, when not wearing his baseball cap, sometimes can be recognized by his cheap, straw gardening hat. He still has most, but most assuredly not all, of his teeth; ask him about his fetching dental appliance.

If events were pictures and emotions were sounds, his memories would play as silent movies.

Rolling Stone felt compelled to call attention to his “long black eyelashes” and “face that sees very little sun”, deeming him “a kid from upstate New York with a quick wit”. A public relations professional said he was a “sissy”. Bruce Sterling referred to him as a “punk”.

As a child, he wanted to become an outer space moving van driver. As an adult, he is not one.

By the Oxford English Dictionary definition of “slack” as the amount of time in critical path analysis by which a particular event may be delayed without delaying the achievement of the overall objective, he considers himself a slacker. To this day he has yet to determine the overall objective.

For seventeen years he owned a cat named Scully. Now, he owns a cat named Meru.

After (among other things) the pioneering effort of Hands Off! the Net, the worthwhile failure of the Millennium Cafe, the celebrated success of Portland Communique, the landmark creation of Can’t Stop the Serenity, fervently giving you The Finger, engaging the wilds of various movie and television fandoms, and publishing his late father's novels under the banner of Myrln Books, he now jointly owns a herd of fourteen urban goats.

He continues quite unreasonably to believe in Mia, although the world has forgotten about her.

His photography has appeared in or been used by The Portland Mercury, The Progressive, Portland Opera, Atomic Arts, Newsarama, Nerdist Dot Com, The Guild, Alan Tudyk, and the Portland Tribune; and by Titan Books in their official Firefly and Dr. Horrible companion volumes.

He strongly suggests helping to bring both equality and mercy to a world forever in too much need of them.


Joss Whedon

“Apparently there is only One True b!X and we should stop worshipping false b!Xes. I had a golden b!X calf that was so cute, but it’s eBay bound.”

Amanda Sullivan

“b!X's vision and determination moved the Serenity screenings from a local to a national and eventually international event. I have come to admire his work ethic and integrity, and Equality Now will always be grateful for his unwavering belief in and support for our work.”

John V. Henley

“At the Great Northwest Bookstore, b!X was a team player, or team leader as the occasion required, putting customer needs first. You will find no man who practices with a higher ethical standard.”

Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon

“b!X helped us organize the flood of Internet submissions we received prior to the Dr. Horrible DVD release. With concise web design and great management skills, he turned what could have been chaos into well-executed fun.”

Charles Heying

“b!X built an important and alternative niche for information about local issues at the very moment when these issues were being ignored by entertainment focused local television news, and when print media was engaging more in source journalism than investigative journalism.”